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Weaving with a loom

Weaved Flat Bottom Round Bag Red KK

I've never tried weaving before and then saw a backpack at the Provocraft site. I really liked the bottom of the bag but I didn't want it as big, so I used the red KK. After the initial weaving of the bottom I came up with my own design. It was really quite simple. The bottom can be quite stiff or as loose as you weave it. It's big enough to hold a cell phone, sunglasses, and a bottle of suntan lotion or what I used the green/purple one yesterday for; knitting tool, baby food jar with all my…

Free slouch hat pattern | Express Your Creativity!

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Loom Knitting Stitches -

Loom knitting stitches guide. Garter stitch, Rib ,Box, Basket weave, Zig Zag, Double moss, A great Stitch List of the best Knit and Purl Combinations

How to crochet a criss cross puff stitch beanie - - YouTube

How to crochet a criss cross puff stitch beanie

How to crochet a criss cross puff stitch beanie. This is my variation of a puff stitch beanie.. combining a puff stitch and a criss cross stitch gives this ...

Men's Slouchy Beanie - YouTube

Swirl Beanie Tutorial

Click "Show More" For All InfoWritten Pattern: Crochet Zombie Links:Email Me: crochet...

Free Slouch Hat Crochet Pattern

Granny's Slouch Hat - Stitch11

Yesterday my husband took me to JoAnn Fabrics to get a few sets of safety eyes. I purposely kept my eyes on the “Isle 10” sign so I could avoid looking at the yarn before getting what I had came for. Before I could even grab the little bag of eyes off the display hook, […]

Cupcake hat on a knitting loom

Cupcake Hat Pattern

This hat is super cute (if I do say so myself) and pretty easy to knit on the loom. All you need is to know how to flat knit, purl, and e-wrap on the loom, a round loom, and the spool loom. I used the Caron brand Simply Soft and I cast on using two strands as one on the green loom. 1. I cast on with brown yarn for my cake color. I used the basic e-wrap for this. 2. I knit with the purl2, knit2 pattern for 14 rows. You can do this for as much or as little as you like depending on how big you…

Rainbow Slouchy Beanie Crochet Slouch Hat Gray Mens

Rainbow Slouchy Beanie Crochet Slouch Hat Gray Mens Womens Girl Gay Pride LGBT Grey Hat Spring Fashion

Thin rainbow colored striped pale gray beanie: green, blue, dusty purple, dark red, orange, yellow. Softer, muted rainbow color stripes on a solid gray beanie for those days when you just want a little touch of rainbow!Loose, slouched at back, comfortable fit.• • • • • • SIZES • • • • • • PLEASE INDICATE YOURS, default is Medium.5T - pre-teen - young teen (21 or ~53 cm)Medium/Average adult male or female head (22 or ~54-56 cm)Large adult head (23 - 24 or ~58 - 61cm)XL adult head (25 - 26 or…

Child Size Slouch Hat - free Crochet Pattern

Child Size Granny Slouch Hat - Stitch11

After writing the free crochet patterns for the Adult Granny Slouch and the Toddler Granny Slouch, I had many requests for a child size version. I had forgotten this was even on my to do list until a couple days ago. I have been in somewhat of a crochet rut. The last two things I […]

Chain Lace Stitch on a Knitting Loom! - YouTube

Another Look at Loom Knitted Cables: Part I

Create the Mug Hug pattern from and learn some tips and tricks for creating snug cables. :)

How to Loom Knit a Hat - Beginner (baby beanie) - YouTube

How to Loom Knit a Hat - Beginner (baby beanie) with Closed Captions CC

How to make a basic baby hat on a loom. Here we walk a beginner through loom knitting by making a baby hat. This tutorial has lots of tips along the way on H...

Butterfly Stitch Slouch Hat - Crochet Tutorial

Butterfly Stitch Slouch Hat - Crochet Tutorial

Crochet tutorial that teaches you how to make a crocheted slouch hat using the Butterfly Stitch. Meladora's Butterfly Stitch.You can find the Written pattern...