Camilayadriana Vallejos

Camilayadriana Vallejos

Camilayadriana Vallejos
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If you haven't seen the OVA for this show, GO WATCH IT! The 26 episodes ended on a cliffhanger for me but the OVA made it complete!


(open rp) "Yuuki, why are you holding my arm. I do not undestand. I need to erase you." The pinknett said as she squirms in his hold*

Bueno, a mí me recordó a 'Yukiteru' de Mirai Nikki xD

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mirai nikki | Mirai Nikki Tribute: Psycho Lover by Sajid213

This is my tribute to the awesome anime "Mirai Nikki". I'd give it Comment and Favorite for more Mirai Nikki Tribute: Psycho Lover

future diary

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