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Top 80 Best Tool Storage Ideas - Organized Garage Designs

From power to hand tools and beyond, discover the top 80 best tool storage ideas. Explore cool organized garage and workshop designs.

Sandpaper organizer

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Simple jigs for sanding small pieces of wood

Jigs for sanding small items. In this video I will be making two simple jigs to help with sanding small items. You will have steady, comfortable and safe gri...

Miter Station + Storage Out of 2x4's

Miter Station + Storage Out of 2x4's: For the longest time, an entire wall in my shop was taken up by my miter saw and its stand. I wanted to build a solution that would give me the ability to do repeatable cuts, lots of storage potential and not cost an arm and leg.This is what I came…

DIY Soundproof box for noisy air compressors

I have built a soundproof box for my compressor and I'm sharing my design with you.


How to Make Acute Cuts With a Miter Saw

One way to cut an angle beyond the capability of your compound miter saw is to use a 90-degree jig. Here’s how to make one.

How to Build a Pocket Hole Workstation | DIY Woodworking Shop Project

How to Build a Pocket Hole Workstation | DIY Woodworking Shop Project: There are a lot of different things needed to make pocket holes, with this workstation, you can keep everything in one centralized location. You will never need to search around the shop looking for different size pocket hole screws, drill bits, dri…

New sysport workbench and cabinets

New sysport workbench and cabinets

Pocket-Hole Jig Workstation

Keep your pocket hole jig and all its accessories in one compact, portable workstation.


The Best Miter Saw Jig (Free Plans)

Building this 3 in one DIY miter saw station will make you enjoy your miter saw even more. You'll be able to cut fast and safe with this jig.