Dos koshménk, dos del mismo espíritu, al que Anne Chapman llama "el cornudo celoso" ya que su esposa (Kula) no se fatigaba en engañarlo durante toda la ceremonia. Foto de Martin Gusinde, 1923. Pueblo aborigen de la Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego

Ethnography /// Two koshménk, two of the same spirit, to which Anne Chapman calls "the jealous cuckold" as his wife (Kula) deceive not fatigued on throughout the ceremony. Photo of Martin Gusinde,

Selknam natives being transported to Europe to be put on display as animals in human zoos, 1899.

Selknam natives en route to Europe for being exhibited as animals in Human Zoos, 1899

Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombino » Selk´nam

Portrait of Selk´nam women, native Americans to Tierra del Fuego, CL. This tribe of indigenous people were wiped out by genocide w/settlement of their land by sheep ranches in the late & early c. The last Selk'nam tribe member died in 1974