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Carla Bozzo
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Snapchat discovered that their clients wanted to show the world what they did in their day, not what others did. This is why, Snapchat created this adventurous and fashionable innovation (because who likes to wear ugly glasses). They solved the problem of their clients by putting in "Their shoes" and this is one of the greatest attributes of the design cycle. They were creative and thought outside the box.

Snap's camera-integrated Spectacles are limited edition sunglasses in 3 colors that can record your snaps and upload them wirelessly to into their app.

This are the Phases of the Design Thinking Process. Empathize, define, ideate, prototype, test and implement to make your project successful and innovative.

Can design thinking change company culture? Design thinking relies heavily on employees to step out of their comfort zones & contribute innovative ideas to the

Making pins is a a cheap option that people can use everywhere. Excellent merchandising option!

It's back and bigger than ever! Our grapefruit brooch has doubled in size! hard enamel pin -Gunmetal colored metal thick -Double posts with rubber pin backings Made in the USA.

Our idea for this water bottle is for it to provide a healthy lifestyle because bottles are very useful and many people use them.

This liter bottle combines a new Camelbak design with the durability and purity of a double walled water bottle.

This is a creative and affordable idea that will make people happier. It guarantees a smile on the one who sees it, and you know what they say: Being happy is being healthy!

Plastic Smile Props on Sticks - The Lassies - Set of 5

Making merchandise with mugs is really a good option because many people have coffee mugs in their house, so it will strike because we are going to write healthy-related quotes on them.

Love these cute mugs to compliment all our favorite fandoms. Find your new reading companion from Redbubble.