Carlos Rodolfo Perez Fagure

Carlos Rodolfo Perez Fagure

Carlos Rodolfo Perez Fagure
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A Jewish rabbi prays for the dead. The German soldiers laugh and mock him then, moments later, murder him.

Visit A German police unit arrived in Olkusz on July and gathered all the Jewish men in the main square. The Jews were forced to lie on the ground while the policemen and members of the SD registered them. The Germans beat the Jews, shooting one of them.

Hitler (right) and General Field Marshal Keitel (center) are studying the map in the process of preparing the plan for attacking the USSR - "Barbarossa." On the left in the background is Hitler's Luftwaffe adjutant Nicholas von Below.

卐 Generalfeldmarschall Wilhelm Keitel, Chef des Oberkommandos der Wehrmacht, OKW (Chief, Supreme High Command of the German Armed Forces)

An Early Greek Bronze Kegal Type Helmet, the Progenitor of the Famous Illyrian Type Helmet | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

An early Greek bronze Kegel Type helmet, the progenitor of the famous "Illyrian Type" helmet, c. According to archaeological evidence, the "Illyrian type" helmet evolved from the Kegelhelm (or Kegel type) of the Archaic Period found in Argos.