The internet is full of creepy things. I mean there are entire websites that are devoted to finding the creepiest things possible. Here are some of the creepiest ones we found online.

beauty treatment

This photo shows face-mask treatments taking place in a Helena Rubinstein salon, with an Elie Nadelman bust in the background. (Via Vintage Everyday)

Gallic hair-dryer ,1935

It is a perm machine! not a Gallia Hair-dryer. My mother was a beautician during this time and in the early I remember seeing her use this machine. If you left it on the hair too long, it could actually burn the hair off.

Bagged It

Creepy Vintage Halloween Photos -- Appears to be a classroom Halloween party. The poor kid who seems to be the main focus of the photo only had a paper bag over his head for a costume.

Fire Workers  1935

Possible clothes for boys playing with fireworks in basement: Manuel Alvarez Bravo, Trabajadores del Fuego, (the fire workers), 1934

creepy vintage halloween photos - scary kids costumes

Old vintage Halloween costume photos. These are pictures from various sources showing old Halloween costumes from days long gone by.

.Army Air Corps, 1938.

Weird Vintage Photos or Strangle Old Pictures, no matter what they are, they're creepy, funny and bizarre. Portraits of people and experimental devise to odd

Beauty Treatment Mask

Launched in July this headdress could be plugged in and switched on to heat the face and head, the aim being to stimulate circulation, leaving skin looking fresh. This is terrifying.

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The Living Skeleton with PT Barnum Carte de visite. On the back of this photo is handwritten: & Sprague Age 29 years Height 5 inch Weight 46 lbs&