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Shiva, Vishnu and other Hindu Gods and Goddesses

✨ Brahma Vishnu Maheshvara ✨ King Prithu spoke: “Any person upon whom the brahmanas and Vaishnavas are pleased can achieve anything which is very rare to obtain in this world as well as after death. Not only that, but one also receives the favor of.

In this modern Bengali religious print, Uma/Parvati is presented independently, and has even come to share Shiva's cosmically powerful third eye


♀ I Really Like Kali’s [Cali’s] Erotic Tongue [E.] Movements of Sexually Explicit Pleasures that BEE So Hedonistic 2 My Pre Human… Afro Indian Bloodlines that BEE So Pre Historic… accordin’ 2 Our.

Egun. Sakete, Benin,West Africa.

Portrait of manifestation of an Egun - a voodoo ancestor spirit in Sakete, Benin, West Africa, 2005 by Toby Adamson/Axiom