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Valley of Fire | Las Vegas, Nevada | Outdoor Adventure | Monica Miyagi

After a few weeks of trying I finally made it out to Valley of Fire last weekend. small hike to the "Fire Wave".

Here You Will Find My Motivation, My Dreams, My Aspirations And Images That I Find Beautiful In My Tropical Mind ______________________________________________________________

crema al veleno di vipera

Definitely fit into the Ravenpuff/Huffleclaw and Horned Serpent categories - both fit me, but I think here the Hufflepuff & Horned Serpent fits me best

J. Mendel Fall Winter 2018 #fashion

J. Mendel Fall Winter 2018 #fashion

This explains why I am a Pukwudgie

Please don't compare Hogwarts houses to Ilvermorny houses. Rowling gave us new houses to embrace and learn about and if we're comparing them to Hogwarts it'll defeat the purpose of learning about a new Wizarding school <<<<<<< I'm Horned Serpent