Mapuche en los cielos

Photograph by Louis C. A female machi (mapuche shaman) has ascended her rewe or notched pole.

Chile | mujer vestida con traje típico de Mapuche. Temuco, Chile

South America: A Mapuche woman walks in the little town of Temucuicui, Temuco, Chile, Photographer unknown

Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombino » Mapuche

Machi with her kultrún (sacred drum painted with the Directions and stars) seated next to a rewé, which is both a pillar of ancestral spirits and a ladder into other worlds. Among the Mapuche of Chile, women predominate as medicine people.

mapuches... antepasados

Indigenous Peoples in Native South America: Chile and Argentina


Historia de Chile resumida parte 1

Mapuche or Araucanian(historically) family. "Image ID: 807458 A family of Araucauians (Chili). Showing a baby strapped in a native cradle(kupulwe).