Let’s have a cup of tea: les thés Twinings de Londres

Twinings Tea

Happy Birthday, Jane Austen!

Receive 3 free samples of Twinings Teas. This is a great freebie because you get to choose your 3 different free samples from a huge assortment of Twinings Teas.

Twinings Tea Chest

My Twinings tea chest is the perfect start to a perfect cuppa :)

Dilmah Italian Almond Tea (20 Tea Bags)

Dilmah Italian Almond Tea 20 Tea Bags in Caddy (Best By Feb 2018)


Twinings Tea - the Gentleman's drink of choice. The Milk always after the tea, served from a pre-warmed pot of course.

Basilur Strawberry & Kiwi

Our first shipment of Basilur Tea arrived at The Chancery Lane Co. today, the packaging is simply exquisite.

Ahmad Tea Limited Edition Milk Oolong

Ahmad Tea Limited Edition Milk Oolong

Twinings Lady Grey

Unique to Twinings, Lady Grey is Earl Grey's elegant cousin. Her tea has the same light and delicate taste of bergamot, but with added hints of oranges and lemons.

Dilmah Ran Watte

Dilmah Ran Watte