Vina Del Mar, Chile

I really want to go to Vina Del Mar, Chile. I hope my special Chilean guide won't mind taking me there one day .

Vina del Mar, Chile. I still dream about you

Viña del Mar, Chile La Roca Blanca, the big white building to the right of the trees.

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El Reloj de Flores--Vina del Mar, Chile Touristy, but such a classic (am I enough of a local to be able to say that?

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Vina del Mar, Chile

Busing into the city called the wine of the Ocean, second largest city in all of Chile; was a memorable sight. The brilliant lights illuminated ancient military elevators and cobblestone roads of this old navy port.

Known as the “Garden City”, Viña del Mar is considered the tourist capital of Chile, due to its strategic geographical location, very close to the capital of the country. Seat of the International Song Festival, Viña del Mar lies 120 kilometers from Santiago along Route 68 and 9 kilometers away from Valparaíso along the coastline road. From Argentina, this magnificent seaside destination is reached through Los Libertadores International Pass.

Known as the “Garden City”, Viña del Mar is considered the tourist capital of Chile.

Viña del Mar

Playa Vina de Mar - It has grown into Chile's most luxurious beach resort town, attracting visitors from all over the world.

Vina del Mar, -- I took a pic almost exactly like this one when I was there with Amanda

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