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Covet Dance Watermarks do not appear on printed posters

Much thought and time went into creating this design which displays the science of dance. We have broken down all of the major dance elements into our own "dancey" version of the Periodic Table.

Im not even kidding guys.........I even do this in public sometimes...

Actually that is totally how I walk around the house sometimes, especially after watching SYTYCD or something like that. <----- yup, walk like this a lot, too. and I'm not even a ballet dancer!

thanks to dance

So true. I get SO nervous talking in front of a small crowd people but I have no problem dancing in front of hundreds of people!

I hate when people tell me that dance is not a sport!

It's so stupid how people don't think that dance is a sport! <--but it's not a sport. It is it's own art. It's HARDER then a sport, and in my opinion, sports and ballet can't be compared.