Rosario Echeverria Schramm

Rosario Echeverria Schramm

Rosario Echeverria Schramm
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Parallel Chain or Helm Weave Chainmaille Bracelet same weave at the copper / stainless bracelet nice tutorial

DIY: Helm Weave Bracelet: Close 4 small jumprings Add 2 larger rings Separate small rings and add 1 large ring Add second large ring Link 1 large ring to one side and add 2 small rings Add one more large ring on other side and repeat to finish!


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DIY Drawer Organizer para guardar pantaletas

This video sucks. ruined 7 pieces of felt. The trick: hot glue to the very edge when doing the one. Keep Socks And Undies Neat With This Drawer Organizer