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Shibori, Chile, Fiber Art, Workshop, Activities

Shibori, Fiber Art

Textiles Techniques, Shibori, Chile, Germany, Connective, Weaving, Wordpress, Molds

Textiles Techniques, Weaving Techniques, Fabric Manipulation, Shibori, Textile Art, Chile, Lucet, Germany, Loom Knitting

Textiles Techniques, Chile, Shibori, Germany, Fiber Art, Footprint, Embroidery

Shibori, Fiber Art, Travel

Fiber Art, Cultural Center, The Artist, Thread, Artists, Embroidery

Inge Dusi, born in Germany, based in Chile, has used the ‘amarra’ textile technique: originally used in Pre-Colombian textiles & internationally recognized now as Shibori.

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