Victor Huincatripay

Victor Huincatripay

Chile / Highly interested in leadership, entrepeneurship, couching and English teaching.
Victor Huincatripay
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ebook free download pdf file: ENGLISH TONGUE TWISTERS - English Pronunciation

I love tongue twisters. I think they are great for pronunciation practice, for spelling practice and they are so fun to work with, especia.

too true

So true. Awkward when your on a date and the boy treats you nice, but then talks bad about the waiter/waitress or the people at the table next to you. Not to mention I actually am that server sometimes!

11 Tips about Chilean Food

Chilean lunch is always served in two dishes the first being a salad and the second being a vegetable accompanied by a meat. The food is preparred by the woman of the house and often children help out with the cooking to learn how.