Wouldn't it be cool to live here (Stilt Houses in Chiloe, Chile) for just like a year?

Paisajes de Chile

DIY Damage Wood Cleaner With cup canola or jojoba oil and cup vinegar, use a cloth and wipe it on your damaged or revived wood and make it look as good as new. Crazy that something that*ll change the look of your table or chairs could be so SO simple!

Hanging house over 100+ year old cable car, Valparaiso, Chile

Hanging house over 100 year old cable car Valparaiso Chile. more with healing sounds:

Paisajes de Chile  Siete tasas, Maule

Paisajes de Chile Mega- Post!(Imagenes de Buenisima Calidad)

Valle de la Luna, Atacama desert. Chile

Valle de la Luna (Moon Valley) and Valle de La Muerte (Death Valley) are located in the Atacama Desert Chile