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claudia Molina
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Twitter / tomorrowland: DreamVille has opened her doors. ...

“DreamVille has opened her doors. You all look beautifull and more than ready for

Tomorrowland This board is for all #EDMMusic Lovers who dig cool stuff that other fans could appreciate. Feel free to Post or Comment and Share this Pin! #ViralAnimal #EDM

Some festival stages are able to change their design midway in shows. This stage switches from a vibrant day pallet to a calmer night pallet depending on the time of concert.

Only one month in India and I can relate to almost every point... good description of life in India :-)

Ispired by India Holi Color Festival and Color Me Run. I'm planning on doing a Rainbow photoshot of my girls maybe Ichi. Is the End of school Summer Fun!

Oh gosh i hate festivals. Everyone are drunk, it's too hot in the tent, you have to take the dump at the portable toilets filled with others shit, get sun burned, feel fat because of the skinny bitches walking around in slutty shorts, you have to walk a hundred miles to get water AND you have to carry shit loads of stuff just to get to the god damn camping to begin with.

Music Festivals is one of the most loved things in our generation. Festivals are big in our youth culture because teenagers love all kinds of different music. Festivals are just one of the many ways you can celebrate and be social while music is playing.