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15 meriendas para niños saludables y divertidas | Fiestas y Cumples

You don't have to be Picasso to make this dino dish. Start with a slice of toast and cover it in peanut butter. Save some of the crust to make the trunk of the palm tree, and finally slice up some bananas and kiwi to complete the plate.

It is becoming more and more of a trend to cook and eat organic, healthy snacks. Another thing that is very popular is discovering new recipes for vegetables to make great, easy snacks for children. These types of recipes are kid friendly as well,...

Carrot fries (taste just like sweet potato fries)! When making carrot slices I worried they were too thin, but they ended up being perfect. Go easy on olive oil. Put a little oil in plastic zip lock and move til all sticks are covered.