mural en valparaiso cerro alegre Almirante Montt 2011

Chilean street artist Teo Doro has completed a new mural in Valparaíso. The design features extracts from three famous paintings by Vincent Van Gogh, "The Sunflowers" "Cypresses," & "Starry Night" -- Santiago, Chile

Take a walking tour of murals in the Barrio Bellavista of Santiago, Chile.

One Day in Santiago

Walking tour of murals Barrio Bellavista Santiago Chile

Cerro San Cristòbal, Santiago de Chile

Hiked up to Cerro San Cristòbal, Santiago de Chile

Terraza Neptuno, Santiago, Chile

Terraza Neptuno on Cerro Santa Lucia, Santiago, Chile. Cerro Santa Lucía Mountain is a scenic lookout, and trail and the best place to get a panoramic view of Santiago.

Valle de la Luna en el Desierto de Atacama - El desierto de Atacama es el más árido del planeta, se extiende en el Norte Grande de Chile y cubre una superficie de aproximadamente 105 000 km²

Moon valley, Atacama desert, Chile This is undoubtfully the driest place in the world where there are literally decades of no rain. There they test NASA equipment to be sent to mars.