how to make a cardboard loom/ weaving

Caja de cartón telar - "Cardboard Box Looms: DIY Weaving" I was just talking to my mom about wanting to learn how to weave like this and wishing I had a loom!

How to knit ruffles

Ooh - handy roundup of how-tos for knitting various types of ruffles. Thanks, Tricksy Knitter!

Many weaving ideas

Paper weaving need not be boring: up-down-up-down. Rather, paper weaving patterns can be surprizingly complex.

DIY Loom

First Weaving Attempt & Homemade Loom - FIBER ARTS. of PVC pipe, 8 elbows, 2 T's I'd probably make it more vertical, with something to rest the heddle bars on.