The coolest urban art woks around the world As mais legais obras de Arte Urbana espalhadas pelo mundo – Parte 3 | O Buteco da Net

This is by the graffiti artist GAB in the city of Leipzig, Germany. I live the 3 dimensional effect this piece takes on. I am a huge graffiti fan and the awe feeling it inspires to whomever views it.

Charged with 54 counts of mischief for his public art nearly a decade ago, artist 'Roadsworth' continues to transform the streets of Montreal into a visual playground.

Montreal Artist 'Roadsworth' Continues to Transform Streets, Buildings and Sidewalks into a Visual Playground

Clever New Chalk Art from Street Artist David Zinn (10/18)

Clever New Chalk Art from Street Artist David Zinn

David Zinn sidewalk chalk illustrations – kid-friendly street art – children’s art Small for Big


50 Jaw-Dropping Examples Of Street Art From Around The World

Italian artist, Agostino Iacurci was recently in Lugano, Switzerland for the Arte Urbana Lugano project where he painted a two-storey mural entitled Pietro

Street Art, Urban Art

Street Art, Urban Art