Marianne Werkmeister Textile Art

Marianne Werkmeister Textile Art - pinner said: this kind of art is my favorite for summer doings - somewhere outside - using brocken branches and long grass - listen to the birds and the bees!

Arte Textil Marianne Werkmeister

Arte Textil Marianne Werkmeister>>>M.Taylor: This looks a lot like the type of weavings I did in high school,sure wish I'd saved at least one thing, but sold most the good ones to mu art teachers and art neighbors, now I know why they wanted them so much!

Marianne Werkmeister (detail) (The beading part of this would look great on a felting project or something else I make)

marienne-wermeister-detalle - from the "Stone Sea" series by Marianne Werkmeister


Arte Textil Marianne Werkmeiste maybe this is done connecting two weavings at fluffy middle?

Arte Textil Marianne Werkmeister

Verde que quiero verde by Marianne Werkmeister. Unfortunately, I don't know which materials were used, but I love the natural materials that she used and the colours.