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"Hi. I'm sleeping with sirens from Kellin Quinn." "Bro you said it backwards" *to himself* "no way. am I really that drunk?" I LOVE THAT INTERVIEW<3

Kellin Quinn of Sleeping with Sirens doing that wonderful signature hand motion.

Guyys I really have a big obsession with Kellin hahhaha no like literally Kellin is just I can't explain this man he is perfect!!!! No like literally he is taking over my dreams I seriously had a dream about him last night it was awkward he was walking around my house yelling the word "Lyric" and I was like "Hi Kellin" and he said "Hi Kellin" back??? Like what is that supposed to mean??

(Fc: Kellin Quinn) Hey, my name's Kellin Quinn, I'm from Sleeping With Sirens. I'm single, and I have a daughter named Copeland. I don't bite, so feel free to say hi!

feelsws:Kellin Quinn | Warped Tour 2014my edit | credit: x | do not repost/remove credit/tag.

(Fc Kellin Quinn) Hi I'm Kellin! I love making music and I'm in a band. I have a daughter named Copeland and I also have a brother named Kyle. The mother of my daughter left us a long time ago.

Kellin Quinn :)

Kellin Quinn i think im going to pin lots of kellin today because today is the last day that anthem is selling the autographed shirts and im not getting one :(