Cecilia Veronica Pino Vargas

Cecilia Veronica Pino Vargas

Cecilia Veronica Pino Vargas
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★ Nighty, Night Y'all ★

Starry Night - the beauty of a Winter's Night, with the fire and ice of a starry sky . This is one of my all-time favorite pins. I love the color blue, trees, silhouettes, the night-time sky and the stars .


My most vivid dream was of discovering floating waterfall deep in beautiful woods. Although it was just a dream, just thinking of those sky waterfalls makes me happy.


"And from her flowed the stars and galaxies, and they so swiftly became my heaven." - Marcus Herron This is totally Nut, Egyptian sky goddess.


Judge by *Viviphyd on deviantART-this just reeks of awesome! The aura of power and confidence in strength that dwells in this depiction of justice!


An altar is an ever-changing, constantly evolving sacred space. It can be as small as a matchbox or it can fill up an entire room. Your altar is a place where you can centre yourself, meditate, work m


“The illusion is we are only physical.” ― Vanna Bonta, Flight: A Quantum Fiction Novel

Ancient Egyptian painting from Nakht’s tomb.

I have a silver pendant made from this image, i always loved this, especially since i was a dancer & a lot of our performances were inspired by Ancient Egypt. Ancient Egyptian painting from Nakht’s tomb.