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Patagonia, Chile
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Patagonia, Chile

Easter Island

Mengungkap Misteri Bagaimana Patung "Moai" Pulau Paskah Bergerak

Penduduk asli Pulau Paskah, Polinesia, meyakini bahwa patung ini "bernyawa" berjalan sendiri menuju tempat peristirahatannya. "Patung ini ...

Valparaiso, Chile: El puerto de las casas colgantes | Casa Artillería 156: Levantada entre 1908 y 1909 por los italianos Arnaldo Barison y Renato Schiavon, fue un encargo de Wenceslao Campusano, alto funcionario de los Servicios de Aduana de la época ! Hanging house over 100+ year old cable car

Hanging house over 100+ year old cable car

The hills in Valparaiso have been traditionally the residential areas, while most of the shops and the port are downhill by the seaside. Out of cleverness and necessity, they implemented this "elevator cars" around the 1890s to ease transportation between the residential hills and the business districts downhill. They are still working today, and most of them still are using the original cars from the 1800s. The ride is not what you would call smooth, but it's really cheap and one of the…

Cositas Ricas Ilustradas por Pati Aguilera
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Araucaria tree seed, called pinhon

Araucaria tree seed, called pinhon

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Patagonia, Magallanes Region, Chile.
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Artesania Chilena Figuras de ceramica Quinchamali

Artesania Chilena Figuras de ceramica Quinchamali