Bailar en la cocina ❤

dream marriage consists of dancing in the kitchen on a side note, how cute are brandon & leah

mi amor asi quiero estar a tu lado para toda la vida te amo claudia morales <3

The most beautiful picture I've ever seen. People aspire to many things but the only thing I aspire to is to be holding in one hand, a walking stick and in the other, the hand of my one and only true love.

we used to do this back in the day :D gotta reinvent moments like these again

what does the old book say we used to do this back in the day :D gotta reinvent moments like these again

agentlewoman: Re-gram from @grantlegan for our editorial photo shoot for @glasshouseshirtmakers at @gaslightcoffeeroasters. This is just th...

Re-gram from Grant Legan from our editorial photo shoot for Glasshouse Shirtmakers . This is just the first stop on tonight’s photo shoot endeavor! (at Gaslight Coffee Roasters)


Watch the sunset or sunrise with a beautiful view. Words don't even need to be exchanged. Just sitting there enjoying each other's company.

15 señales que indican que estás con un hombre bueno

I can just picture my hubby and myself in the front holding hands with Isaac and Gwen in the back seats as we drive down to "grandma's", aka my mother's house, for a good old carne asada.

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On the bus in going from his town to nashville, a 40 minute drive, we were going to an underground concert where we met this crazy fucking kids our age and took extacy. We ended up crashing in a motel room with about 90 other people.