Batik Amarillis's embroidery

Indonesia's traditional textile meets Mexican embroidery we love combining Mexican 's bold and beautiful embroidery with Indonesia's traditional textiles such as Batik and ikat.

Fundas de almohada peruano mano bordadas flores de lana por khuskuy

Peruvian Pillow cushion cover Hand embroidered flowers Sheep & alpaca wool 16 x 16 handmade Black

Cortina de bolitas de fieltro

I like this idea with this felt balls curtain that hangs from crocheted fabric. Maybe hang something else nicer than felt balls?

Элементы интерьера ручной работы. Родина ОСЕНЬ

Элементы интерьера ручной работы. Родина ОСЕНЬ

Must have

Low footstool upholstered in richly embroidered elephant motif. Fixed around edges with brass studs and finished with polished wooden legs.

Niños habitación decoración móvil fieltro infantiles por MagicWool

Children Room Decoration Felted Mobile Nursery Home by MagicWool

Aguja de hadas arco iris de fieltro y Warrington waldorf

Rainbow Fairy needle felted and waldorf inspried by LivelySheep ♡

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