Daniela Díaz

Daniela Díaz

Casi diseñadora gráfica, Chile. Con ganas de conocer el mundo :3
Daniela Díaz
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My current hobby project is a giant branding campaign for all of my endeavors. This is the secondary mark for my personal identity project that ties into my overarching constellation theme. Previou...

Sirius is the Dog Star. Prominent in the sky in winter (US)-tom Canis Major Constellation; I want to get the name of this as a tattoo for my pup

Added a telescope and a pterosaur to Julia's science sleeve! Thank you, girl…

Added a telescope and a pterosaur to Julia’s science sleeve! Thank you, girl!

Editorial illustrations / F5 Trend Book on Behance

Flat and textured digital illustration, irregular shape, and limited color. This was the main inspiration for my technique, along with Owen Davey's work.