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170924 BTS Inkigayo Super Concert in Daejeon Jungkook


I want you to be mine and to have you in my life everyday for the rest of my life ㅠㅠ

La inocencia en la mirada

JUNGKOOK - maknae, lead vocals, good at everything, hard working, listens to his hyungs <<< because listening to his hyungs is the most important

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Jungkook - he really is a sweet kid with a great personality. he's just also so fucking hot it's painful. I feel a bit bad but omg.

161029 방탄소년단 피 땀 눈물 현장포토---o_0 wow

Everything was alright between Y/n and her husband Jungkook. After some 1 year of marriage, Jungkook started behaving cold towards her.


I can't show my body to anyone but you, you were my favorite client m… Fanfic