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Diana Katherin

Diana Katherin
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Lets talk skater skirts! I love a good skater skirt especially those with patterns! Skater skirts are very playful and adds a cute touch to your outfit. Just remember- plain skirts go well with patterned tops as patterned skirts go well will plain tops.

Hate how high the pants are, but Love the shirt!

A little lace never killed nobody! Lace is super cute and it provides a nice vintage vibe for any outfit. The way the lace top is paired with the high-waisted denim shorts is so perfect.

Name:Miley age:16 personality:Miley loves Shakira she plays guitar. Pleas adopt you can adopt by typing ADOPTED by... Then your name in the comments and I will check out your profile and if I like you you can adopt

Macy is 21 and she hates going to carnivals. Macy likes hanging out with her sister (Ryan) and she LOVES decorating with her friends. Plus she likes designing her room and other things.