After Prom Decor

38 Pins
the inside of a store with red and green stripes on the floor that says start
Book Fair mini race track
the finish line dessert table is decorated with flowers and greenery for an olympic theme
Go for the Gold with an Olympics-Themed Kids Party
there are three different colored tires on the table next to each other, and one is empty
Beer Olympics Events
two cookies decorated with candy on top of a doily next to a red ribbon
Simple Olympic Crafts for Kids | Mum In The Madhouse
the olympic rings are lit up on top of a table
Setting the Mood
an image of someones hand reaching for the ball that is in front of them
DIY Light Up Planets
four glass marbles sitting on top of white bases
How to make colorful tea light planets
four decorated candles are sitting in small boxes with gold flakes on them and one candle is lit
10 Holiday Crafts to Make and Sell - CATHIE FILIAN's Handmade Happy Hour
a colorful jar is sitting on a table with a lit candle in front of it
25 Fun and Easy Holiday Crafts for Kids