Terrazo Neptuno at Cerro Santa Lucía, Santiago, Chile  -  the city of Santiago was founded on February 12th, 1541  -  In 1872, Benjamín Vicuña Mackenna decided to make the hill on which this building is located a new attraction  -  a little over 100 years later (1983) Cerro Santa Lucia was declared a national monument.

The Terrazo Neptuno water fountain at Cerro Santa Lucía, Santiago, Chile. This park and fountain attract of visits daily.

Can't wait to see Chile in July!

Fui a la Catedral Metropolitana de Santiago. It was built in 1747 and is a beautiful place built for God.

Santiago - Chile - Heading here in September!  Cannot wait!!!

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Santiago, Chile

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Vega Market Santiago, Chile

Service-Learning programs begin with an orientation in Santiago, Chile! Veggie Market in Santiago, Chile

Hotel Crowne Plaza Chile

Hotel Crowne Plaza Chile