925 Silver Ring with Green Chalcedony, White Topaz

Fleur Collection: Sterling Silver Ring with Chalcedony and Topaz Snowflake by Drukker Designs

925 Silver Ring with White Cultured Pearl

What elevates this design further is six pristine white cultured pearls surrounding a centerpiece that almost seems like a frost flower.

925 Silver Ring with Yellow Amber

Yellow amber is always a delight, full of the unique natural inclusions that make each piece one-of-a-kind.

925 Silver Ring with White Opal

A perfect pear-shaped design, cubic zirconia frames a central teardrop of created white opal. The subtle rainbow shades of opal's iridescent fire and cubic zirconia's brilliant sparkle result in a distinctive, attractive piece.

925 Silver Ring with Rock Crystal

This design pairs cool, clear rock crystal with accents of sparkling white topaz.

925 Silver Ring with Pink Agate

A reminder to look within and treasure your own inner beauty — a soft-hued pink agate acts as a magical mirror, capturing so much more than a simple reflection.

925 Silver Ring with Mystic Quartz

Emphasizing balance over symmetry, with every part of it covered in sparkles, this design features a brilliantly multicolored mystic quartz at its center, surrounded by countless white topaz accents.

925 Silver Ring with Green Jade

This lively set lifts up a vivid green jade, a stone long treasured for its rich beauty. Delicate cubic zirconia crystals surround the oval centerpiece, adding a touch of brilliance.

925 Silver Ring with Carnelian

A simple curved ribbon of shining silver — recognizable and understated — supports a central teardrop red carnelian, as fiery and intense as your passion for what you care about.

925 Silver Ring with Carnelian

A celebration of the points and curves of a teardrop shape. Shining silver loops around a highly polished center stone — red carnelian, burning with fire and passion. Four delicate cubic zirconia crystals add sparkle and brilliance.

925 Silver Ring with Blue Topaz

Curving bursts of shining silver flow from a single point, their shape suggesting so many possibilities — leaves on a branch, or perhaps the rays of the sun. A cool blue topaz at the center is as clear as an oasis, accented by crisp white topaz.

925 Silver Ring with Blue Topaz

Playing with the idea of a perfect circle, a crisp sky-blue topaz almost seems to float in midair, supported by an arch of smooth silver.

925 Silver Ring with Blue Agate

Silver curves accentuate the rounded design of a light sky-blue agate, echoed in the cubic zirconia that sparkle like dewdrops along the frame.