Takato Red Crow

Takato Red Crow

Takato Red Crow
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VIDEO // WEBSTA @ silviemahdal_art

VIDEO // WEBSTA @ silviemahdal_art The most wonderful post ive ever found, eyebrows are my greatest nightmare.

Kimi no Na wa. es la tercera película de Anime más taquillera de Japón superando a Mononoke Hime.

'your name.' Anime Film Earns Billion Yen, Surpasses Howl's Moving Castle In This Corner of the World rises to Kuroko's Basketball compilation film opens at Makoto Shinkai's your name. (Kimi no Na wa.

I’ve been wanting to do this since last month. And the worst part is, I still have more to go. note: i swear I must be high on something when I came up with this.....

Sorry Gardevoir, it’s the rule of the internet. But luckily, Swampert is there to look after you : Yes, I purposely search those images for the sake of this comic.