how to make a cardboard loom/ weaving

Caja de cartón telar - "Cardboard Box Looms: DIY Weaving" I was just talking to my mom about wanting to learn how to weave like this and wishing I had a loom!

Weaving techniques

one day, woven

Weaving techniques that might be helpful (not for card weaving but for weaving where the warp threads are spaced further apart. This board is very useful for details about weaving. (For stories about Peruvian children and adults weaving

Weaving patterns

Weaving patterns of shirting fabrics. The weave of the fabric can influence the style or drape of garment.

Weaving . This looks cool.

Weaving jiyek - Warp-twining by loop manipulation, using just two loops.- From "The Techniques of Split-Ply Braiding" by Peter Collingwood. Image courtesy of Peter Collingwood.


DIY woven coasters, I remember my sister having one of these to make potholders as a kid.

Lauhala inspired weaving patterns

Make a zig-zag weaved place mat. It's a great variation on the classic weaved mat. Requires white & colored paper, scissors, and tape

simple loom

weave x Note: combs on an angle mount. Removable so can take the woven piece off without cutting the ends. like the ricks beading loom?

would be beautiful way to use my beach finds on a small fine thread needle weaving loom

something to do with all those sticks!

CREATION 4 by Lynnholly; Found bits and pieces, reworked textile art branch weaving contemporary

Studio visit with Janelle Pietrzak of All Roads. Pinned by a Taste Setter.

Studio visit with Janelle Pietrzak of All Roads

weavings + wallhangings / Via Justina Blakeney - All Roads textile studio visit. New weavings and works in progress.

miniature tapestry weaving - Google Search

love these minis :: « Working on lil mini weavings as promotional items for an upcoming event.


I like the gathered pieces, do this in the center of a weaving // Weaving bohemian boho art style textile