Wow, there are some weird people out there.

Texting the wrong number can end up being disastrous or a nice little trip down comedy lane depending on who you get a hold of, see the craziest wrong number texts ever! From Kayleejoo

USA no comments

Official US Government Retirement Program - former foreign friends.


Good idea for a kids room. Ok- good idea for my room!

No more plastic bags!!! Leave the ocean as you find it!!

Gray whale dies bringing us a message — with stomach full of plastic trash. So very sad. Please recycle and pick up your trash at the beach.


Shipping Container Home in Costa Rica -- The project, named Containers of Hope, was designed by Benjamin Garcia Saxe and makes use of two shipping containers and plenty of windows.

Learn gringo!

tsuki-nekota: “ THANK YOU ” I’ve been told that this is taught in some places, but I was always taught that the North and South Americas could be referred to as “The Americas” but not “America” and.

Space garbage

Space garbage


Don't be ignorant. We're all humans on a small, floating rock through an infinite galaxy, together. on imgfave

Así son el 98% de la gente en mi pais, yo soy parte del 2%, orgulloso!!

Ora ripeti dopo di me: "Io sono Libero"

dance gangnam style :P

Infographics - PSY Gangnam Style the 5 basic step


The Comic News: Political/Editorial Cartoon by Paresh Nath, National Herald, New Delhi, India on Earth Day Celebrated

Kill the educated

Indeed (via Revolution of Consciousness)

This is our culture

Can't please all the people, all the time.

USA lie!!!

USA lie!!!

Muerte de Chile de salir elegida

Muerte de Chile de salir elegida

True thing

True thing