I like the photo of August Sander. I like that the woman depicted in a simple environment. When I look at woman clothes, hairstyle and background I notice profession of this woman and defiantly can say that this lady has not easy life. She look not happy. It seems   that she tired ...

August Sander - was a German portrait and documentary photographer. August Sander set for himself a problem that ranks among the most ambitious in

I like this photograph of  Robert Demarche. When you look at the picture you can see that the photographer concentrated more on background  more than on subject of the painting. I like how artist emphases surface pattern rather than on details. When I look at this photo I feel nice , comfortable atmosphere that was in this room.

Cigarette Girl -- A Poster Design PhotographerRobert Demachy CountryFrance MediumPhotogravure JournalPhotographische Rundschau 1899 AtelierL.



I think that this portrait show very good personality of the lady that depicted on the photo. I imagine that this woman very romantic , sweet and may be a little bit shy. The subject and background play very well together and create atmosphere of happiness.

-Sandria P. My favorite part of this photo is the charming expression of the figure in front of the equally charming scene. Altogether they tell a classic story.