Queremos compartir con ustedes, las postales con frases que hemos rescatado de distintos líderes de opinión.
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a poster with a ladder going up to the sky and clouds above it that says, for
an apple with the words los profesores no son el problema, son la solution
an image of a book cover with the title in spanish
a person holding a sign that says yo elegi educar porque no veo el mundo desde otro lu
many papers are stacked on top of each other in this black and white photo,
a message from mark twain about water and its impact on the environment in latin america
a quote that reads,'educar es dar al cuerpo y la alma
a poster with the words in spanish and an image of a speech bubble above it
a yellow poster with the words education and an image of a man in a suit
a green stuffed animal with sunglasses on it's face next to a sign that says, los nios no recueran la sue sus profes de professores
an open book with two pages in the shape of a heart on top of it
a man sitting at a table in front of a bookshelf filled with books