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Carolina G. Molina

Carolina G. Molina
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Natural Ways to Dye hair Blue- if you have dark hair try natural hair lightening methods.

How to color your hair blue without harsh chemicals. These are some fun easy ways to get blue hair. All of the dyes are semi permanent and will fade out over time. These techniques are safe and will not cause much damage to your hair.

A longtime bestseller and cult favorite, Directions by La Riche brightly colored semi-permanent hair dye comes in 34 exciting, vivid shades that cover all colors of the rainbow. Try this vivid hair dye to create pastel candy colored hair!

I found 'Ombre Hair/Dip Dye Hair/Dark Brown/Pink Ombre/Vibrant Pink' on Wish, check it out! I would never be brave enough to do this but it is super pretty and pink.


Boba Fett Star Wars Cake Retro-inspired star wars cake features Boba Fett's helmet as the topper as well as the logo and light sabers.

Star Wars with Boba  Fett Cake

Star Wars with Boba Fett Cake

Lo necesito D:

Gund Boo- World’s Cutest Dog from Gund 9 IN The world’s most huggable since 1898 Surface washable Gotta Getta Gund! This GUND version of BOO


Cutest dog in the world - Boo is a dog. But he is not just any Doggy. Boo the dog is the cutest dog in the world. Dog lovers all around are taking him seriously. Boo the dog is cool but he means business.