Electronics Components

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Electronic components are 2 types those are Passive and Active components. Passive components are those that do not have gain ex: resistors, capacitors, diodes, Inductors. Active components are those that have gain ex: Transistors, Integrated Circuits or ICs and logic gates.

‪ is a semiconductor device that converts light into current. The current is generated when photons are absorbed in the photodiode.

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Electronics Components

PIN Diode T-R Switch for use with RF Power Amplifier - Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange

A simple circuit construction that uses a transparent red LED as the light sensor that switches on a white LED when the red LED is in dark.

Diode clipper circuits-Positive,Negative Diode Clippers, Biased Clipper circuit, and Combinational Clipper Circuit with circuit diagrams and waveforms. Electronic Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Voltage Divider, Electronic Schematics, Electronics Components, Circuit Diagram, Positive And Negative, Model Trains, Positivity
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Digital to Analog Converters (D/A) - D to A converter circuit

circuit, which is used in potential chemical contamination, Nuclear energy control systems, combustion systems, railroad systems etc.