Paper Quilt--beautiful

Paper Quilt - with buttons Cut circles all the same size, add what you like to the inside, along with buttons, then fold each circle inward 4 x's put together it forms a quilt pattern.Cut any size circle for your quilt

west elm pop up shop | the lovely drawer notebooks

Use Michaels wood crates dipped in watered down white paint to make chick storage boxes. Inspired by west elm west elm pop up shop

Watercolor Pattern Notebooks by Sonia Cavallini (A6 Size)

Wonderful watercolor pattern notebooks by Sonia Cavallini, featuring everything from crabs to pineapples to ice cream cones.

Hand drawn nature ferns notebook with blank pages.

Forest Ferns Screen Printed Notebook

Relax in a forest of your own thoughts. Hand drawn forest ferns and nature shapes, screen printed on quality recycled cover stock, make this notebook a true gem! Filled with 100 unlined pages for dood

Monochrome Pattern Notebook

In a monochrome palette, a simple pattern is at its best. These graphic notebooks are unlined, perfect for scribbles, sketches and everything else. - wide x tall - Screen printed cover - 100 unlined pages - Made in the USA

Standing Weekly Scheduler ver.2 / Weekly Planner by DubuDumo

Standing Weekly Scheduler ver.3 / Weekly Planner Notebook / 101032409