Luke Newberry | Bloody brilliant in In the Flesh, recognised by his BAFTA nomination today!

Luke Newberry is known for his role as Kieren Walker in the BAFTA-award winning show, In The Flesh

Luke Newberry (Kieren Walker) from 'In The Flesh' on BBC Three. His eyes are so pretty! And he's ginger. <3

Teddy Lupin - Age: 22 Parents: Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks House: Gryffindor Actor: Luke Newberry

simon monroe/kieren walker sairen in the flesh

simon monroe/kieren walker partially deceased boyfriends in the flesh

kieren walker simon monroe in the flesh

In The Flesh Kieren Walker & Simon Monroe

simon monroe kieren walker in the flesh

simon monroe kieren walker in the flesh…