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This particular hood is a perfect choice for those who want to look like a noble outlaw fresh out of the woods, ready to rob from the rich and give to the poor. It makes a perfect accent to medieval looks and to Robin Hood costumes.

Skyrim Mage Costume, 1.2 by Manwariel

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Lancaster, PA Más Más

Assassins Creed Cosplay -- Previous pinner said: "i like that this is feminine, but still MUCH closer to the male version of the outfit compared to the extremely skimpy female versions.">>> I want to be an assassin next youmacon!

Nice picture of a classic look archer :)

I immediately recognize the homemade arrow and whirl toward the sentries I know are hiding. “Let her go, or the next one won’t hit a leg,” a cold voice says. I can’t see the speaker in the tree, but I instantly identify the voice.

Ancient world LARP costume for Odyssey LRP - Minoan.

I made the outer brown robes today. I’m not happy with how it’s coming together. It’s made from three meters of Ikea Bomull fabric and a packet of Dyl…