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I dressed up as the doctor once and went to this Halloween type party and I saw this person dressed as the doctor so I screamed "I must not interfere with my own timeline" and ran out of the room.<----- This is why i love fandoms!

The 10th Doctor << I'm going to find an outfit like this to wear while I watch the 50th anniversary :)

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Doctor Who Ladies’ 10th Doctor’s Coat

Doctor Who Ladies' 10th Doctor's Coat

Doctor Who Ladies' Doctor's Coat Officially-licensed replica of the Doctor's long coat now tailored for women The perfect piece to complete your David

Cubee - The 10th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver by CyberDrone

My Custom Cubeecraft / Papercraft Cutout template of the Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver from Doctor Who. (All My Custom Fan Art Cubeecraft Templa. Cubee - The Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver

10th Doctor sonic screwdriver costume prop using household items

"Doctor Who" Sonic Screwdriver (9th/10th Doctor)

High-quality replica of David Tennant's iconic coat this time around for the ladies, because women can be Time Lords, too.

Doctor Who Ladies' 10th Doctor's Coat