1920s Mens Fashion

1920's Men's Fashion

It's funny how everyone in the looks like a gangster to someone living in the century. Below are a series of men's fashion illustrations from the

Vintage Men's Fashion Illustrations - 1920s Men's Style - Esquire

Vintage Fashion Illustrations from the 1920s

men's wearing double button blazers which is long loss pattern of pants colour like grey or dark green fabric

Men's Outfits From the 1920s | Think Jay Gatsby is the only one with shirts to weep over?

Great Gatsby's Tobey Maguire Is All Tied Up in a Bow

Well Dressed Young Man with Dark Suit and Bower Hat http://www.vintagedancer.com/1920s/advice-for-mens-1920s-clothing-plan/

Men's 1920s Clothing and Cost

1920s men's hats at vintagedancer.com  Panama, homburg, derby or bowler, newsboy, fedora, gambler, boater and top hat.

1920s Grooms and Groomsmen Attire

Shapes for men's hats - Fedora = reporters, Boater/ Gambler = Hollywood Agents, Top Hat for Ladahlord and Grasshopper.

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1920s Mens Hats: Great Gatsby Era Hat Styles

Men's hat poster including: the top hat for formal attire, bowler hat (soft felt with a rounded crown), straw boater (soft felt hats with a rounded crown for the summer), and homburg hat (wool with a single dent in the middle)

Men (at least the highly fashionable ones) wore many accessories in the 1920s. Notice the different types of hats (here we see fedoras, straw boaters, and Newsboy hats). Canes were popular accessories as well as small rings, tie pins, and collar pins.

FASHION HISTORY: The Roaring Twenties

Men& Fashion - A Christmas Wish List In The fashions haven& changed THAT much so for 1920 theme parties they have it PRETTY EASY!

1920's Fashion for Men: A Complete Suit Guide - anyone feel like channeling their inner Clarence Darrow?

1920s Fashion for Men: Suits, Hats, Shoes

Men's - Fashion for Men: A Complete Suit Guide - anyone feel like channeling their inner Clarence Darrow?

The Yale University Whiffenpoofs of 1927. The cappella group embraces the fashions of the times with sharp, tailored three-piece suits.

1920s Men's Fashions: Formal Trends Featuring Suits, Dress Shirts & Accessories

ivy-league-style: “The oldest collegiate a cappella group in the United States: the Yale Whiffenpoofs. Established in 1909 and best known for “The Whiffenpoof Song”, the group comprises senior men who.