Art Deco (Art Moderne) encompassed the ’20s through the early ’40s and reflected a shift to lighter and more neutral shades with metallic undertones. Popular accent colors were exotic pastels.

1940s Decorating Style

The Art Deco / Art Moderne color palette reflects a shift to light, neutral shades with metallic undertones of silver and gold added to sand, gray, beige, and peach. Exotic pastels accents were an iconic color trait of the era. Gold undertones for sure.

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Hoping it doesn't rain, but just in Kitchen Inside Wildwood NAS Aviation Museum in Cape May, NJ

An Artistic, Colorful, Vintage-Inspired Home

An Artistic, Colorful, Vintage-Inspired Home

1940ish: White kitchen cabinetry contrasted by bright walls evokes the cheery feeling of the Forties. Accessorize with jadeite pieces (or look alikes), and colorful canisters. Opt for chrome fixtures for an extra touch.

More mint green with gelato pink accents.Country style beach house kitchen with timber kitchen island and glass fronted display cupboards in pale mint green and white with vintage look pale mint and pale pink accessories.

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The Friendly Home: A better looking return air grille. What a good idea.Our big return air thing is BIG.

1940s kitchen

A more country house style, harking back to the traditional designs of furniture, while still moving towards fitted units.

1940s kitchen decor

Create a 1940s or early 1950s design kitchen - my second mood board

There are many ways to retro [<- I just love it when I used that as a verb], including style. Lots of readers seem to be totally nuts over kitchen style, so here’s my second mood board including resources to create a or early style