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Tom's Foods - plastic candy-filled fruits - I remember getting these little plastic fruit containers filled with Pixy-Stix-like powdered candy in my stocking every year for Christmas

Vintage 1970s Candies Heels.  I how I loved these shoes.  I wish they would make them again exactly like they were.  So comfy.

Vintage 1970s Candies Heels 7 Blue

Vintage Candies Heels, mine were in tan. How I loved these shoes.

Can't remember if I had this in the 70's or 80's.  I think it was like a Milky Way bar?

Milk Shake candy bars - another favorite - so good when it just came out of the freezer

1970's candy | Topps Garbage Can-dy Full Display Box - Early 1970's

Topps Garbage Can-dy Full Display Box - Early , originally uploaded by JasonLiebig .

1970s candy bar wrappers

Vintage Mars candy in honor of the M & M's World Store opening in Hackettstown. Remember getting large full size candy bars for Halloween?

1980s candy cane pens...I remember these!

Our school's student store sold tons of these around Xmas, but the ink ran out really fast.

1970s candy necklace!  I loved wearing these. My favorite was yellow...banana. :)

Best part of Clam Digging at Birch Bay was riding on the tailgate to the store when we were done to get one of these.

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Old Fashioned Blue Ribbon Neapolitan Coconut Bars at The Online Candy Shop. Old Fashioned Blue Ribbon Neapolitan Coconut Bars are a great coconut candy.

Vintage 1970's Candy Advertisement. "Who says women don't have balls? The candy to give you courage." (Playgirl, 1978)

1978 ad for Balls candy "Balls, said the Queen, if I had them I'd be King." Everything about this ad is absurd. It's for Balls candy and ran in Playgirl magazine in Found at livejournal.

Bottle Caps.  The rootbeer flavor was my favorite.  Candy of the 1970's

Bottle Caps candy of the think it's still sold today, just really hard to find.or there's another candy now that's similar.