1D DAY ANNOUNCEMENT. Click on the video to go straight to their new website, 1D Day, which will be on the 23rd of November!

On the twenty turd of november twenty turteen! lln love niall's accent so much!

1D Day - 1D Day Full Livestream Footage [11/23/13] - The boys did a live stream show for one day for the fans to promote the latest album "Midnight Memories".  This is the day in its entirety!  Beware: Its almost 8 hours long!!

i wasted 7 hours of my life on 5 people i love and i regret nothing

1D day<popping balloons nialls hair.<liam wrestling.>challenges>and paul carrying them specially harry my hearts almost stop>simon cowell and all of it i wuv them

Tbh, I'd be so clausterphobic. I don't know if I would have been able to stay inside that box very long.

Are we just going to ignore the fact that Louis is standing on Liam's head?

Are we just going to ignore the fact that Louis is standing on Liam's head?<<<< I was just gonna say that

HAPPY 1D DAY! My official 1D Day does not start till 11 am... but oh well! I am going to spend those hours with you guys! I should be on for the next 5 hours lol:)

The best day ever! I love One Direction with all my heart! They are Amazayn, Extraordinharry, Phenomniall, Brilliam, and absolutely Fabulouis.

1DDay Saturday Nov 23rd 2013 (+playlist)

Saturday Nov 2013 hey guys heres the link to watch when it starts at noon if your in america!


Sign your name>>Kate>>Emma>>Krissi>>>Abigail!>>>Kaylee>>>Tori>>>Jillian>>>Myah>>>>> Sophie>>>>>Ashley--------skyllur>>>>> Rylee>>>Shannon>>>Kainat>> da sexy piece of curly and dimples>>

God liam you need to speak slower in interviews!!!

God liam you need to speak slower in interviews! Just admit it.you all read that in their accents.

twas the day of 1D day and all through the house not a single food was left not even a enough for a mouse

Even though I only got to watch bits and pieces and watched the whole thing late.it was still literally the best day of my life, I hope it becomes an annual thing.

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The One Direction Work Out Video Is The Best Thing That Ever Was Or Will Be

One Direction Gym / Workout Video - on a cloudy this will bring sunshine to the skies.