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The art of Julliane Nova From top to bottom: Oversaturation Dying Freedom Inside The Tale of Igor`s Campaign The Plague Heart Outside Mistique Artworks

#psychedelic #trippy #shrooms #LSD #acid #art #artwork #weed #marihuana

#psychedelic #trippy #shrooms #LSD #acid #art #artwork #weed #marihuana

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venι ∘ vιdι ∘ aмavι ∘ ❧ ⎾ @novaloveskooma ⏌

venι ∘ vιdι ∘ aмavι ∘ ❧ ⎾ @novaloveskooma ⏌

Acid art

Find a path thru the stars, and land on the moon. Create your dreams any which way you can.

I want a tee with this on it

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("play me a dream" , written by previous poster, possibly the title, artist unknown.) idea for putting random things together

James Jean

James Jean, Psychedelic Art Gallery Link to ceramics artist - like Frankenstein. Combining perfect features to create a monster